A Place of Pondering

Thur. Oct. 21, 2010

Journal: This morning, my alarm did not go off! I forgot to flip the switch to “ON” at the back even after I had tested it to make sure it works. This is a new alarm that I got an hour before coming to the MTC. As time passed, things got progressively better after the rather horrific awakening at 7:30. Perhaps this was because of my not going to bed at -0:30 as I should. Even a difference of five minutes is too much… I digress, I became better acquainted with our District of nine. Elder Hirschi is 2/ and is always good and light-hearted when appropriate. His companion, Elder Larsen has a look that reminds me of Brad Pitt, in hairstyle and facial structure.elder Woods seemed quieter today and he went to InstaCare of a stomachache later on. Before he left, Elder Vincent offered to give him a blessing. Immediately, Elder Killian, my companion spring up with a vial of oil, ready to help, he had since been made our District Leader which is awesome. The Branch Presidency that met with us said that his assignment is about service and that we should work to be the exemplary companionship. Elder Frazier is 6′ 6″ and is awesome to talk to, he reminds me of Curtis Joy. That’s all for now. Till we meet again!

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