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The Millenium

Just my random pondering while at work yesterday.. We know there will be a great Millenium to come in which The Savior reigns personally on this earth and prepares us to enter into the Fathers presence. We also know that this Earth will leave this solar system and it’s orbit around this sun. As is often described in the scriptures, the heavens will be rolled together as a great scroll. Isaiah 34:4 This description sounds a lot like many theoretical physicists (and science fiction writers, there is a difference) methods of describing quicker methods of space travel. The idea being that space is like the flattened unrolled scroll (albeit space is multi-dimensional as opposed to the scroll) and you want to get something from one end of the scroll to the other quickly, the regular method being direct line distance travel, but the far quicker method being to roll up the scroll allowing your object to skip large distances and times of travel. From the scriptures like the one above, I believe the Lord will use this method in sending this planet from its current location, through space to its final destination in a Celestial orbit with other celestial worlds in the Fathers presence. This trip will be approximately 1000 years or the length of the Millenium. Why this amount of time, surely The Lord is not bounded by distance or time? It is correct that The Lord is above these dimensions (as He created them) but I think the reason for this is so that He can prepare us for dwelling in the presence of the Father. We will each need to progress and prepare the entire journey so that we can bear the glory of His presence for all eternity. Where in the universe that final location is, I wouldn’t even venture to guess.