A Place of Pondering

ZION The New Jerusalem

As the gospel comes forth, the call also comes “Flee ye from Babylon!” Both temporally and spiritually. Jeremiah 51:6, Doctrine & Covenants 133:14. As the Desolation of Abominations occurs, The Lord will begin the gathering of His elect temporally. The truly righteous will be spared from the utter destruction and desolation that Babylon shall suffer. The vast majority of this Nation will be wiped out (the same is true of every Nation). The borders of the “Everlasting hills” will tremble at so many new comers or there will hardly be enough room for everyone gathering. The desert will blossom as the rose and make the land arable to support so many newcomers. The journey to the New Jerusalem will commence and the remnant of the Church will be joined with the now enlightened Lamanites. Together, they will begin to build the New Jerusalem by God’s Priesthood power. The righteous will inhabit those desolate cities of this Nation once again. The remainder of unrepentant people will continue fighting amongst themselves but will not dare approach Zion to attack or hurt or even to tempt. The Lost Tribes of Israel will come from the lands where they have been hidden in the north countries. They shall smite the rocks and the ice shall flow down at their presence. A highway shall be made in the midst of the deep. Their enemies shall be a prey unto them. The wicked will try to stop them but will fail miserably. The ten tribes will come to Missouri first and they too will be a large part of building the New Jerusalem. 144.000 High Priests will be called and chosen and sealed with power. They and the two Prophets will go to Jerusalem to preach the Gospel to the Jews, who will be distressed by the massive gentile army surrounding them. The work of The Lord will continue in fulfilling his covenants to the house of Israel, His people.


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