A Place of Pondering

The Fourth Seal

John sees a pale horse and he that sat upon him was named Death, and Hell followed with him. Power was given over the 4th part of the earth to kill with sword, hunger, death, and the beasts of the earth. The period beginning with Moses was a particularly bloody one. So many pagan nations struggling amongst themselves and always so much suffering and persecution for the Israelites to suffer. In this dispensation is captured some of the most abominable actions and intrigues among heathen and professed believer alike. The Israelites suffered but also caused much suffering by their disobedience. Here lies the almost continual pattern of apostasy due to the pride cycle. The 10 Tribes rebelled from the Lord, were conquered, and then disappeared almost completely. The Jews were constantly in and out of captivity. They denied their prophets and drifted further and further from the truth. This was also a dispensation of separation as the Lord separated the 10 Tribes as well as Lehi and Mulek’s families from the Jews at Jerusalem. This dispensation ended under Roman rule for the people in Israel, and with the end of a massive war for the Lamanites and Nephites here in America. 63 BC. During the time of Moses, the Lord desired to enter into a covenant with Israel in which He would give them His higher laws. They proclaimed they would accept, but they immediately rebelled, the stones containing the higher laws were broken signifying the broken covenant and they were instead given the Law of Moses, to prepare them to one day receive the higher law.

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References: The entirety of the Old Testament from Exodus to Malachi occurred during this Seal. It is important to remember while much of the material in the Old Testament was written during this Seal, much of the writings were for those of later seals, particularly ours. This seal also encompasses the Book of Mormon from 1 Nephi to the end of Alma excluding the Words of Mormon.


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