A Place of Pondering

The Fifth Seal

When it is opened, John sees the souls of the Martyrs under the altar and they cry to ask when their blood will be avenged. This is at the Meridian of time. Jesus Christ comes and accomplishes the Atonement, the Culmination of all Prophet’s testimonies and the absolute center of the vision. The Law of Moses is done, as Christ has bridged the gap that all men placed between themselves and God (but more especially the Israelites distanced themselves by rejecting God’s law at Sinai and were given the lesser portion of the law, or the law of Moses.) White robes are given to the martyrs and they are freed from the bondage of the Spirit World and freed to rest yet awhile longer. Martyrs were a mark and testimony on every dispensation and there are likely a great many that go unknown to man in general. Every Prophet’s testimony is part of this seal, or they all see and feel the truths of this seal especially. Christ Church is organized to run without his physical presence and it continues for a time. Eventually, the 12 Apostles seal their testimonies with their lives and this seal ends in the Great Apostasy. It is interesting to note that there is a gap between the fourth and fifth seals in the old world records. Between Malachi and Christ, there is about 400 years of Prophetic silence. Even the new world records are quite sparse in this portion, Omni 1 being the brief record of 323–130 B.C. As the fifth seal begins, there is once more great revelation, and it would seem greater revelation than what had before been given (or at least what remained of previous revelation).

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References: The New TestamentHelaman3 Nephi4 Nephi 1


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