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The Creation & the Fall

In the previous section, I referenced to Genesis 1:3-5Moses 2:3-5Abraham 4:3-5, stating that this was the bridge between the Pre-Earth life and the Creation. As an aside, I am grateful for so many accounts of the Creation. Together, they help us to better understand this great event. These scriptures all cite an event that occurred on the first day, that of creating light and dividing it from darkness calling light Day and darkness Night. All three accounts capitalize Day and Night (like a proper name) only this one time throughout the entire account of creation. Later, in vs. 14 of all of them, God creates light again, this time specifying the Sun, Moon, and Stars.

Why did God create light twice?

I believe the first day is actually an account of all of the main events that occurred in the Pre-Mortal life. First, God broods upon the waters. If you have read my post Orson Scott Card’s concepts of Eternal Significance, then you know my belief that the waters are actually another dimension. If you haven’t read it, read it! Card gives this dimension the simple name Outside. Well, as God is in this dimension, He sees darkness on the face of the deep. I imagine He saw the chaos we were in, as intelligences striving to be something more, but being unable to build out of the elements around us anything substantial or lasting. So, God in His love and wisdom says “Let there be light”. He organizes us, giving us order, structure, spirit bodies, and purpose. He divides the light from the dark in the great war in Heaven. Those who rebelled became dark, Night. Those who remained faithful remained light, Day. So, in these few short verses, He sums up the Pre-Earth events.

We also learn that included in the first day is Christ choosing other’s to come with Him to participate in the creation of this earth. One of the three accounts is actually planning beforehand (being directed completely by the Father), what they will do in creating the earth. Since the plan and the actions follow the same course, I will only account the action. They organized and formed the earth and it was empty and desolate, it was physically dark and cold. It is also noteworthy that when it mentions darkness was upon the face of it, it could be speaking dualistically. Not only were these statements about the Pre-earth life, but also during the creation. The darkness spoken of may have also been the presence of Satan and his angels, they being cast out from Heaven to Earth.

It also appears from a statement of Brigham Young, that this Earth may (I say may, because he taught this as theory, not as doctrine) have had beginnings in a different Solar System.

This earth is our home, it was framed expressly for the habitation of those who are faithful to God, and who prove themselves worthy to inherit the earth when the Lord shall have sanctified, purified and glorified it and brought it back into his presence, from which it fell far into space. Ask the astronomer how far we are from the nearest of those heavenly bodies that are called the fixed stars. Can he count the miles? It would be a task for him to tell us the distance. When the earth was framed and brought into existence and man was placed upon it, it was near the throne of our Father in heaven. And when man fell—though that was designed in the economy, there was nothing about it mysterious or unknown to the Gods, they understood it all, it was all planned—but when man fell, the earth fell into space, and took up its abode in this planetary system, and the sun became our light. When the Lord said—”Let there be light,” there was light, for the earth was brought near the sun that it might reflect upon it so as to give us light by day, and the moon to give us light by night. This is the glory the earth came from, and when it is glorified it will return again unto the presence of the Father, and it will dwell there, and these intelligent beings that I am looking at, if they live worthy of it, will dwell upon this earth.

via Brigham Young: Nothing Strange, Etc (Journal of Discourses).

The first time, a day and a night, appears to be 1000 years according our current method of keeping time. That is, of course, assuming that God measured this time based on the star nearest His throne, which our earth would have been near at the time. Of course, this could be a completely moot point since time itself is a tool of God, He comprehends infinite Eternities and is not bound by time as we are. Instantaneous, or 1000 years, it really doesn’t matter which way He did it.

2nd Day: They create an expanse in the midst of the waters. This expanse (heaven, space, or dimension) divides the waters above from the waters under the expanse. It appears that the waters above refer to the “Outside” dimension where element and intelligence is stored, and the waters beneath refer to water. Thus, the expanse seems to include more than just our atmosphere, but the entire dimension of space in which we reside.

3rd Day: They gather the water below into one place (and thus one form or state; liquid) to separate water from land. The gathered waters are called Great Waters, or Sea. They organize the earth to be able to bring forth herbs, grass, trees, and vegetation. Seeds only bring forth the same in itself after it’s kind. Order and harmony.

4th Day: They create lights in the expanse or dimension of Heaven and divide the night from the day. The Earth begins rotating around a star, and a moon (most likely our same moon) orbits around earth. These and all the other stars are for signs, seasons, days, and years. From Doctrine and Covenants 88:5-13 we learn that the lights of the 1st and 4th day’s, are the same kind of light, just referring to different beings or objects. The lights of the first day are the spirit children of God (all of us). The lights of the 4th day are part of the light of Christ, which gives our Spirits and bodies both light to see and light to understand. Both groups of lights are intelligence. It is by intelligence that we gather more intelligence to ourselves. There is a reason that the Sun brings growth to all things. It speaks (or the Lord speaks through the medium of the governing lights He has placed) to their (both the sun and the plants) intelligences, telling them what to do (produce energy, utilize photosynthesis) and they obey. God monitors to ensure He is obeyed; since all intelligence is independent where it is placed, it is free to choose whether to obey Him or not. It takes time for these things to align and obey Him of their own free will.

5th Day: They prepare the waters to bring forth abundantly, the creatures that have life. When He speaks of waters here, He must be speaking of the “Outside” dimension, as He is now calling the waters on Earth, Great Waters, Sea, or Oceans. So, God gathered all that would be necessary for animals to live upon the earth. They are to be fruitful and multiply in order to fill the measure of their creation (the purpose they desired and that He gave them).

6th Day: Let us go down to organize man in our own image after Our likeness, and give them dominion over all creatures. Adam was the son of God just as surely as Christ was the Only Begotten of the Father in the mortal flesh. Adam’s spirit was organized and raised by God as one of His sons. Adam was given a physical body for his spirit to dwell in. The same goes for Eve. While I do not know whether their bodies were formed by conception or some other method, it is important to note the plurality used in speaking. When God speaks about creating man, He says let us go down and organize man in Our image and likeness. This suggests that at this point the Father took the lead in this portion of the creation, whereas He had directed Christ at each previous point. It also seems to suggest that there were others with the Father who also had physical bodies at this point (Christ was still un-embodied). 

As evidence that Satan continued to tempt us both in the Pre-Earth life and in life see Moses 4:6. Adam and Eve are placed in the Garden of Eden (somewhere near Spring Hill, Missouri – source to be added once I re-find it). In the midst of the Garden is the Tree of Life and also in the garden is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. They are commanded 1) to multiply and replenish the earth 2) not to partake of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil but told that it is their choice, the consequence being in that day (1000 years) they should die. It is not made clear whether they were able to partake of the Tree of Life before their sin. It is abundantly clear they could not partake afterwards for in that day they had to die. Alma explains eating of the Tree of Life at that time would have been to their Eternal Condemnation because they had not utilized the Atonement yet Alma 12:20-28. Thus Cherubim and a Flaming Sword kept the way after they partook. The serpent hearkened to Satan and tempted Eve to eat the fruit. Genesis 3:13 shows that he beguiled her which denotes deceit. Their eyes were opened. I feel it important to note here the nature of their sin. Many believe the Tree to be purely symbolic and representing other events. These people believe the sin which Adam and Eve committed was sexual and so the law of Chastity was the commandment they broke. This is not true. While the tree represented greater truths, it was also a physical tree. The sin they committed was breaking the Word of Wisdom. So, we see a pattern of God giving us the word of wisdom (dealing with things we should and should not partake of) to help us be physically and spiritually wise, since the beginning. The fruit seemed to contain something which began their bodies developing blood (the sign of mortality). They became mortal, capable of having children and required to labor for their survival and livelihood. They became capable of death as well. At this point it seems that the Earth fell from it’s paradisiacal orbit through space to its current orbit in this solar system. This change may have been the cause of this earth becoming corrupt and telestial.

Adam is commanded to offert the firstlings of his flocks to the Lord and to pray to the Lord. An angel comes and teaches him that sacrifice is a template looking forward to the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is revealed to Adam, he and Eve live it and begin to teach it to their children. Adam begins to prophesy of all the families of the Earth. (He begins to see the vision)

Adam and Eve’s fall marks the beginning of the first seal spoken of in Revelation 6:1-2.

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