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A Marvelous Work Comes Forth

The Time of the Gentiles comes in, or the day of their rule and powerful influence on the earth will begin and also the time where the Gentiles can also receive the Gospel. Thus the phrase, the first shall be last and the last shall be first is a good indicator that the Prophet using that phrase is speaking of this time period. With the Great Apostasy, many stumble because of the loss of plain and precious truths. The Lord is merciful and brings forth again His Gospel. There are the Latter Days. The Lord is beginning to bring forth the word and the blade is springing up and is yet tender. The faith is weak and must be allowed to grow, along with the tares until the field is ripe. The wheat begins to be gathered in the garners (temples) and the tares begin to bind into bundles Doctrine and Covenants 86:4-11. The coming forth of the Book of Mormon and the Restoration is the sign that summer is nigh 3 Nephi 21:1-11. The harvest comes at the end of the summer, in the fall. With the Marvelous work coming forth, Israel begins to gather again. The 4 angels in the 4 corners of the Earth await the command to go forth but they wont go forth until the wheat are sealed in their foreheads by him who has the power and keys of such Revelation 7:1-3. the Gospel will go forth through all the earth and cut in pieces iron, brass, clay, silver, and gold, the Gospel will become a great Mountain and shall set at naught the counsels of the world, for their counsels are in the dark. This is not speaking of some global takeover of governments as some would suggest, but of the departure of all worldly philosophy (represented by the iron, brass, clay, silver, and gold as well as the ideals of the Nations/times each element seems to suggest) and action and cleaving to the Lord. the 4 Angels and the 5th Angel come to restore keys of their dispensations and commit them to man on the earth Doctrine and Covenants 77:8-10. This was fulfilled in Doctrine and Covenants 110. Now, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has all the keys and is sanctifying individuals to become a part of the Church of the Firstborn (every faithful member of Christ true Church since the beginning that is now in the Spirit World or resurrected is a part of the Church of the Firstborn Church of the firstborn – Details and Church of the Firstborn) The Main purpose of this time is to prepare everyone for the opportunity to become part of the Church of the Firstborn. This is the time fulfilling the command of Christ to”Go ye into all the world, and apreach the bgospel to every ccreature” Mark 16:15-16.

We are currently in this time as Christianity at large is shared almost everywhere, and the Gospel is taught by Christ’s authorized Missionaries in more and more locations. The recent age change for missionaries has allowed many new areas to open to the Gospel and this is only the beginning. To ripen faith, the Priesthood is on the earth, being a help in receiving revelation (the way to increase faith). This section has dealt largely with those of one church, but what of all the other Christian faiths? As pointed out previously, many of these sects were inspired of God, to prepare for His Church returning to the earth again. Many of these faiths also carry on the work of preaching the Gospel and helping men to become good through the portion of Christ’s Atonement they have received. These too, will continue to grow or diminish in faith. It is not a church by church basis, rather it is an individual basis. Many members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are ripening into wheat, as are many members of other faiths. There are also members of every church becoming ripened into tares as well, and so no man is placed to judge these things save Christ Himself. Will members of these other faiths become part of the Church of the Firstborn? Only if they accept the terms of Christ’s Gospel by being baptized by proper Priesthood authority and continue to make and keep every Covenant with Christ.

It is also noteworthy, the frequently mentioned covenant the Father made with the children of Israel concerning their restoration to the lands of their inheritance. The Book of Mormon is the sign that this restoration of the Jews (and all the other tribes of Israel) to their promised lands is beginning again. As part of fulfilling this Covenant, Orson Hyde one of the 12 Apostles in 1841 traveled to the Mount of Olives and gave a prayer, dedicating the land to this gathering of the House of Israel. Orson Hyde’s 1841 Mission to the Holy Land – Ensign Oct. 1991 – ensign. History from that time has shown many of his supplications being fulfilled. I believe this is the full prayer, contained in a letter, Orson Hyde’s prayer of dedication on the Mount of Olives.

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References: (The references get far more extensive from this point on, likely because this is all meant for us to read and act on NOW) 1 Nephi 10:141 Nephi 13:32-421 Nephi 14:1, 71 Nephi 14:1, 7Doctrine and Covenants 49:8-21, 26-28Doctrine and Covenants 101:67-75, 85-88, 94-95Doctrine and Covenants 45:9-11, 28-30, 36-39Doctrine and Covenants 86:4-111 Nephi 21:6-8, 22-23 Christ called to deliver Jews and Gentiles alike. The Lord hears the pleas of His people and He will give His servant for a covenant of the people (He will bring Prophets and Priesthood once more). The the work of Salvation for living and dead will progress in the Temples. The Gentiles will have the Priesthood and through that covenant will bring sons and daughters to Zion. 1 Nephi 22:6-12, 28-31 The house of Israel is nourished by the converted Gentiles and bring them out of Apostasy back to Glory. All nations, kindreds, tongues and people that repent will dwell safely with the Holy One of Israel. 2 Nephi 1:10-242 Nephi 2:212 Nephi 3:5-15, 18-20, 242 Nephi 5:30-342 Nephi 6:6-122 Nephi 8:22, 2 Nephi 9:2-4,23,41-42,45-532 Nephi 10:2, 7-12, 18-252 Nephi 15:26-292 Nephi 19:2, 202 Nephi 20:12 Nephi 23:2-3, 2 Nephi 25:8,16-19,21-302 Nephi 26:12-17,25,33 2 Nephi 27:6-10, 12-242 Nephi 28:2,17,28-322 Nephi 29:1-3, 7-13 2 Nephi 30:1-9 Mosiah 12:8, This next set of references are things Christ revealed to the Nephites in person when He ministered the gospel to them (after His resurrection and ascension into Heaven). A lot of it is explanation of Isaiah’s prophesies and the command to diligently study the prophesies of Isaiah. 3 Nephi 16:4,6-7,11-133 Nephi 20:27,29-463 Nephi 21:1-11 3 Nephi 23:1-5,143 Nephi 25:4-6 (Malachi 4:4-6 ), 3 Nephi 26:2,8-11, This chapter deals with why the Church is called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 3 Nephi 27:5-11,14,16-22 . In this chapter, 3 of the Nephite disciples desire to remain on the Earth, preaching the Gospel until Christ comes again 3 Nephi 28:9,17,23-33,37-39, Mormon re-emphasizes the Book of Mormon being a sign of the physical gathering of Israel commencing. 3 Nephi 29:1-4 . Mormon then gives a brief invitation directed to each of us (the Gentiles reading this) 3 Nephi 30. After accounting the entire destruction of the Nephites, Mormon leaves another invitation, this time to the modern descendants of the Lamanites that have just wiped out his nation Mormon 7. The next chapter is written by Moroni, as his father Mormon has been killed by the Lamanites Mormon 8:5, 12-16,23-35 


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