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This section demonstrates, to me, the reality that true science and true religion are one and the same thing. The intelligences were a very important part for me to realize this. Very little is actually known about intelligences and while we can have our thoughts and ideas, at the end of the day, they remain theory and not doctrine.

Mar. 12, 2011 – Niceville, Florida

We listened to a talk “The Meaning of the Atonement” by W. Cleon Skousen. He taught the simple truths of God-science and I gained a far greater understanding from it. His mission President helped him find himself by asking “Where is your center?” He helped him understand in each of us there is a our center of intellect or center of mind. This he referred to as your little I Am. I Am meaning self-existent, self-aware, and everlasting entity. He goes on to talk about these little I Am’s, saying that one of these intelligences combined with an element allows it to “speak” and to move, essentially to act. So, God gathers these I Am’s combined with element together until many of them make an atom, and many more make a molecule and a seemingly infinite number of these make a person. He said God would speak to these intelligences and they would obey which is a much better way than how we as mortals control and command elements by using opposing forces. He demonstrated God would speak and they (the intelligences) organize into molecules. You then get a hydrogen and two oxygens and it makes water. Then Christ speaks and says “wine please, you know what to do” and they obey and instantly become wine. This reminds me of Orson Scott Cards “Children of the Mind” (a sci-fi in the Enders Game series) and his philotic connections idea. Essentially, Ender discovers a dimension of pure philotes that are always existing and always ready to be used. With Jane’s help, Ender enters this dimension and pictures what he wants to take place, and these philotes obey and make the invisioning of something a reality. Philotes are Orson Scott Cards word for intelligences. By this, I believe that I as an intelligence started out this way and upon creation by my Heavenly Father, my intelligence was called into use and clothed with a Spirit Body. At first, I start singly and very, very small and basic. Slowly, I gather more intelligences for different tasks by command of my Father and at the moment He calls me into use I am able and do gain intelligences to myself and He is an eternal result of me, or what I can become. He still gains intelligences. Now, He does so by gathering and organizing intelligences and clothing them in appropriate spirit bodies to achieve this eternal, infinitley progressing result. So, over millenia of uncounted time, I grew in intelligence, gaining them through experiences in my Father’s Home and with His loving care, until I arrived at the point I was ready to come here to Earth as the next step in gaining intelligences. So, here I follow the same pattern I was created in previous to now. At every point, I know myself to some extent, at least the fact that I was and I am, that I existed and exist, but my understanding of what this means grows with my capacities. By the same understanding, I can command and gather intelligences as well IF my Father authorizes it.

How do I know when I am authorized to create as Father does?

I am authorized to create to an extent and will be more so once I am married. I create by having ideas, gathering intelligences into a conceived notion or idea. I can then use the mortal powers given me to make these spiritual intelligent ideas into physical form. (similarly, the Earth was created, although God needed only to speak and the intelligences and elements conformed)

When men dream and desire, they create.

My other question is: How do I know when I am authorized to command, and like in Jacob 4:6 “even the very trees, or the mountains, or the waves of the sea obey us”?

The mystery is taken out of the miracle. To gain confidence to work miracles, by practicing working them, applying correct principles of thought and action while working them, and by being sensitive to the feelings that come, I will gain the capacity to work miracles that I seek.

We all have the capability to gain further light or intelligence (they mean the same thing). Perhaps this is the mysterious “dark matter” we are looking for. So, I have the capacity to become like God (omniscient, etc.). Based on the actions I take, I either grow in knowledge or shrink and lose knowledge. This is true, especially with some sins causing memory loss or rather a regression in recall speed and capability. So, I believe that the end result of disobedience, complete disobedience, is the loss of intelligences. The scriptures confirm that with sin, mysteries of God are taken from us and the same thing definitely happens with those who are excommunicated. So, I believe outer darkness is as close to a regression as one could be to being an individual intelligence without reaching that point where you are a pure intelligence available for use again. (Hugh Nibley talks about dumps of the Universe). There is some sort of location where one would remain and or be able to think or remember anything save pain and misery, constantly trying to remember something and not being able to , and yet knowing that it is absolutely your fault. On the reverse, how marvelous to be able to know and see everything! To create others with this same capacity and watch them grow to fit that capacity.. Glorious!

Doctrine and Covenants 93:39 The wicked one taketh away light and truth (intelligence) through disobedience.

Whatever we think, say, or desire, it creates a connection or bond towards that thing. For instance, reading a book will create a bond with that book in the sense that you have gained more Knowledge and perception from it. The things you learn from it stay with you and as you re-read or ponder back on that book, it strengthens the bonds. Essentially, intelligences collect and make a “chain” from me to that book. The more I read/think about it, the more intelligences collect onto that bond and make it stronger. This is why reading the scriptures often is so important and why we must watch our thoughts, words, and deeds. My knowing somebody, of necessity, creates intelligence bonds and different acts strengthen that bond more than others because you get to know them a lot better. So, while it is good to get to know somebody, it is not good to perform powerful acts (such as passionate kissing, pornography, and sexual conduct) outside of marriage, because it creates these strong bonds. Since such bonds are outside of the marriage covenant, they are laced with lust. This will slowly corrupt the good in the bond while strengthening bad bonds. We see the result of these countless relationships that are outside of marriage, so few of these relationships remain for very long, but the bond endures forever. Thus infediltiy in a later relationship often occurs with someone from a previous relationship because of the bonds to the first person. All bad bonds do this. They bring you to do bad things and for a time you reap “benefits” but eventually, all good bonds will go away and you will find yourself cut off from everything good and all the bad things lose their “benefits”. So, I must take care what I bond to and see what I think about often and most.

We all came here with strengths and weaknesses. One of mine is my confusion of pleasure with happiness. Satan has used this against me where I created bonds to bad habits, things, and people. Everyone has bad bonds to things and the question is, how do we get rid of these? The answer is, through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Repenting, fasting, praying; all things that bond us with Christ and God give us Their power to destroy evil bonds. I have found that the act of fasting strengthens us with greater power and self-mastery. Because, after a 24 hour period, my body runs out of a certain power source, it must find another and it is this other source that gets rid of hunger and builds bonds to God and breaks bonds to weakness. This is a repetitive process and over time the evil bonds are weakened until they are destroyed completely and those intelligences attached to you are purged and purified of all impurities. Only in and through Jesus Christ I am saved and Eternalized.

Evil bonds are corrupted bonds that lead to corrupted intelligence. One can live in this way for so long because as they strengthen bad bonds they begin to convince themselves it is truth or intelligence, when it is not things as they really are, it is merely corrupt intelligence or lies. A great example of this would be Korihor in Alma 30:53. He taught the things which the Devil taught him to say until he believed it, because he had much success (those “benefits”). He was so much in bondage to shes bad bonds that when he requested the curse be taken from him vs. 55 Alma would not because then Korihor would continue to follow the bond of iniquity.

If the glory of God is intelligence and we are to have an eye single to the glory of God, then we should have an eye single (or focused steadfastly) to receiving light, knowledge, or intelligence. AND if His work and His Glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man, then this also is intelligence. I would wager that Eternal Life is a fulness of intelligence or glory. Joseph Smith first described the Glory of God as Fire and he was surprised that the trees of the grove were not consumed. So, God’s Glory is like fire to strengthen, enlighten, and edify those that fill the measure of their creation (such as Joseph or the trees) and the consuming of those who have not filled the measure of their creation. Thus, the Burning of the Wicked at the 2nd Coming. There are different levels of glory. For instance, right now I abide in a Telestial Glory and certainly not the fulness of it. I don’t have all the intelligences this world can provide (although I can gain them by constantly seeking greater knowledge). I also believe because I am a member of the Melchizidek Priesthood, I can receive greater knowledge, light, or more intelligence and much of the Celestial Glory now. Spiritual and temporal knowledge can and will lead me to know all about my Father and my Brother. The Melchizidek Priesthood is the Key to all powers and principles of intelligence. Every pure intelligence anyone has ever gained is available to all through the Priesthood and the Temple!

Mar. – Apr. 2011 – Mobile, Alabama

Below is a list of scriptures from W. Cleon Skousen’s talk “The Meaning of the Atonement”

Mark 14:36 Father, take away this cup from me, nevertheless not what I will, but what thou wilt.

Doctrine and Covenants 19:15-19 Repent lest ye suffer even as I, which suffering cause me to tremble because of pain. And your suffering cannot atone for you in the same way as Christ’s atonement. There is only one name whereby man may be saved. Acts 4:12

2 Nephi 2:14 God created things to act and things to be acted upon. (Intelligence and element)

Doctrine and Covenants 93:30, 33 All truth and intelligence is independent in its own sphere (every intelligence always has freedom to act). Elements are eternal.

Abraham 3:19-23 Some are more intelligent than others, they are organized by God.

History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints – Google Play Progressive improvement in the scale of intelligent existence.

Vol. 07, pg. 2 Journal of Discourses Matter is capacitated to receive intelligence

Abraham 4:9,10,12,18  The God’s (The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost) watched those things they ordered until they were obeyed! The God’s saw that they were obeyed. (Demonstrates every intelligence’s freedom to act)

Helaman 12:8-18 All things obey God by the power of His voice.

Jacob 4:6 Our faith became unshaken, even that the very trees obeyed us.

1 Nephi 20:13,18 That thou hadst hearkened to my commandments, then had thy peace been as a river and thy righteousness as the waves of the sea.

Doctrine and Covenants 88:38-42 Intelligence cleaveth to intelligence. He hath given a law to all things and to all kingdoms and He comprehends all things.

Doctrine and Covenants 29:36 My honor is my power.

Alma 42:13,22,25 If God does not obey the laws of heaven, He would cease to be God. (He wont ever disobey)

Mormon 9:19 Why did miracles cease but God be unchangeable? He changeth not and ceaseth not, therefore He is a God of miracles still.

Alma 34:9 There must be an atonement or all are lost.

2 Nephi 9:7-9 It must be an infinite Atonement or all are like the Devil.

Alma 34:11,15-16 No man can sacrifice himself to atone for another, only Christ can atone to all who believe Him.

Doctrine and Covenants 19:15 Repent so you don’t have to suffer for your sins.

Doctrine and Covenants 45:3 Listen to your advocate with the Father.

Cleon Skousens talk pointed out that the Atonement was not anything about quid-pro-quo or this much suffering for that much sin. Although the Atonement pays for all sin, if I had not sinned he would still have suffered just as much.  ±r=∞ so whether r=0 or r=10,000 sins, His atonement had to be infinite suffering. He points out that we cannot be saved by our own actions. Christ will only ask those that tried (repented) to come up to the Celestial Kingdom but that does not mean we alone through trying are saved. If he hadn’t suffered, it would not have mattered how much we try. He said that the reason the Atonement works is through compassion. Christ pleads with the Father for His sake to let us come up and Father says “Well if they mean that much to you, okay.” Of course, the Father wants us back with Him as much as Christ does. Christ proved how much we mean to Him by suffering everything for us, but if we don’t want to know Him, He wont force us up. Dr. Skousen goes on to say that we each must needs fell compassion and this is part of why Abraham was commanded to sacrifice Isaac, so that Abraham could understand what Father and Christ had to suffer through. The Father suffering in witnessing His son suffer and make the sacrifice. We each need this same compassion if we are ever to be like the Father. So, the question is: Would I suffer, bleed, and die for my Savior and my God? Would I sacrifice everything, though I love it, if He asked it of me? This is compassion and the law of sacrifice He asks of us now.

Faith is a Principle of Intelligence

Repentance is a Principle of Intelligence

Orson Scott Card’s conecpts of Eternal significance


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