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Heart Series

September 13, 2011 Albany, Georgia

Phillip Millerd, on Sunday, spoke about how his Mission President taught that every time it says heart in the scriptures, it is talking about the will and desires of the person described. So, in the Introduction  it says “We invite all men everywhere to read the Book of Mormon, to ponder in their hearts the message it contains,” So, what is the message that it contains? Enos shows a wonderful example of doing exactly what the Introduction invites in Enos 1:3 

“The words which I had often heard my father speak concerning eternal life, and the ajoy of the saints, bsunk deep into my heart.

4 And my soul ahungered;”

So, as a person thinks deeply on the message of eternal life and joy (which is the fulness of the Gospel, the end-result of the Plan) then you take them into your heart by sincerely desiring the things spoken of. Joseph Smith was charged to make sure he had no object or desire to get the plates other than to glorify God Joseph Smith—History 1:46 .

FTM- Likewise, as a missionary I should have no other desire in mind than to declare repentance or declare the Glory of God to all I meet. I should hunger for the Glory of God for myself and for others.

This study topic became my focus for the next two months of the mission. As I read through the scriptures, looking for the hearts of the writers, I also found many precious insights for myself. My heart was changed as I studied, and I find that when I need repentance and to refocus on the things that matter most, these are the notes I return to. The heart series will consist of almost 20 posts (so far) focused on different aspects of heart/desire.

Throughout my notes, I would put the designation FTM next to insights or applications for myself. It was a sort of wordplay representing the Florida Tallahassee Mission and also meaning For The Missionary or for myself. That same designation will be included in these posts.

Heart of Light

Heart of Glory

Heart of Righteousness

Heart of Joy

Heart of Love

Heart of Darkness

Heart of Hope

Heart of Faith

Heart of Promise


Helping Hearts

Heart of Wisdom

Heart of Knowledge

Heart of Covenants

A Full Heart

Heart of the Laborer

Heart for Revelation

Broken Heart

Chiastic Heart

The Heart and Mind

Heart of Hearts


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