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Gift of Charity

July 8, 2011- Semmes, Alabama

What it is? The pure love of Christ, thre reason He did all the Father asked and the reason we should obey Him. Knowing others or viewing them the way they view themselves and the way Heavenly Father sees them. Looking past any weakness of others to who they really are. The pure motivation to keep God’s commandments, the greatest commandment.

What it does? Makes one a true follower of Jesus Christ and allows one to become a Son of God. Thus, when Christ shall appear those with charity will be like Him, refined and purified as He is pure. Charity strengthens and is strengthened by faith. It brings greater love to the heart of those who receive it. Brings Joy!

How to obtain? Pray to the Father with all energy of heart, asking that ye may be filled with this love. Seek to think of others first, look from their perspective and try to see them the way God see’s them. 4 of 13 elements of charity involve patience.


Mosiah 4:11-12  Always retain in remembrance the greatness of God and your own nothingness before him, humble yourselves calling on the name of the Lord daily, standing steadfastly in the faith of that which is to come. If ye do these things ye shall be filled with the love of God. Partake of Sacrament, be humble, pray daily and be steadfast in faith and ye shall be filled with Charity.

Sept. 13, 2011- Albany, Georgia

1 Nephi 11:25  Love of God represented by Tree of Life and waters. Each of these fill the soul with the greatest joy and once attained move the partaker to give the same to ALL others. Loving is knowing and so this principle of intelligence leads one to know God and others perfectly, Attaining Zion.

2 Nephi 26:30  The Lord has commanded that ALL men should have charity. (If we all have charity, we will become Zion). “If they should have charity they would not suffer the laborer in Zion to perish. But the laborer in Zion shall labor for Zion (not for money)”

Jacob 2:19 “After ye have obtained a hope in Christ, ye shall seek riches for the intent to do good- to clothe the naked, feed the hungry, liberate the captive, and administer relief to the sick and afflicted.” The laborer who labors for Zion works for these purposes and thus Charity cleaveth to Charity. God, the greatest of all, is so charitable the He condescends or descends down to our level in order to bring us up to Him. This is the Condescension of God.

FTM – Likewise, I need to descend to others levels of understanding, speaking in terms they can understand and relate to, and bring them up to climb to God with me.

Alma 32:28,34,40,42 If it is a good seed, it will enlarge your soul or swell your soul (charity). Nourish the word, look forward with an eye of faith and ye shall pluck the fruit of the Tree of Life. What is the Tree of Life? The Love of God or Charity. The fruit is sweet, white, and pure above all that is sweet, white and pure!

1 Corinthians 13:8,13  Charity never faileth, the greatest of faith, hope and charity is charity.

Sept. 19, 2011- Albany, Georgia

The Pure love of Christ does:

  1. Has patience (Longsuffering) vs. 4
  2. Rejoice in the truth vs. 6
  3. Bear all things vs. 7
  4. Believe all things vs. 7
  5. Hope for all things vs. 7
  6. Endure all things vs. 7
  7. Persist without failing, diligence vs. 8
  8. Have pre-eminence among spiritual gifts vs. 13

The Pure love of Christ does not:

  1. Envy vs. 4
  2. Vaunt itself (exalt or boast) vs. 4
  3. Have puffed up or inflated ideas of oneself (pride)
  4. Behave unseemly or indecently vs. 5
  5. Seek it’s own ends, selfish vs. 5
  6. Provoke or get angry easily vs. 5
  7. Think evil vs. 5
  8. Rejoice in iniquity vs. 6

Alma 32:13 Whosoever repenteth shall find mercy. One of the results of true repentance is to feel love from God and love for other men in greater abundance. We feel mercy take effect.

Alma 38:12 See that ye bridle all your passions, that ye may be filled with love. In order to be filled with Charity, you must magnify Priesthood callings and gain self mastery. When you are acting unrestrained on your own passions, you are only loving yourself and not really loving yourself either since such a path leads to destruction. You must learn to control yourself and choose only to follow good feelings and only after you have confirmed that they are actually good feelings from God and not counterfeits (pleasure).

August 19, 2012 Jay, Florida

I have learned again and again that service brings Charity and love. As I saw a need to help Elder Izatt, I was blesses to succeed as I was filled with love for him, same with Elder Goulding. I finally realized that Charity has no end. there is nobody that I should not love. I should not love somebody only when they deserve it or only when they need help. It seems I had a harder time loving my companions that knew what they were supposed to do and did not tend to the ministry which they were entrusted, and I am having a hard time with members that teach their opinions as doctrine. I must learn to have charity for even these or else I do not understand my Savior or know Him well enough. He loved even the hypocrites and sought for their salvation as well. His love broke through traditions and stereotypes to reach out and bring peace and comfort to all who would accept. He did not argue over trifles or get frustrated when people weren’t getting it. He always spoke truth and by the Spirit of peace and love. Even in condemning the hypocrites, I must learn to hear the tone of love in His voice, the invitation to return and be healed.

But what about these false doctrines spreading to those who are new? Shouldn’t I put a stop to such talk because of recent converts?

Trust God to put a stop to those things. I have grown up in an environment filled with such contentions of doctrine but I have learned to hearken to God’s voice. Simply be a loving, calm example and continue to be different so that they can witness happiness in situations where people are not clinging to false traditions. Cling only to truth and don’t let anyone pressure you into anything otherwise. But I have sinned in my opposition to these traditions as I have allowed anger and frustration into my heart. Don’t fight those traditions, just love ALL people and set an example of Christlike living.




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