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The world of the Book of Mormon has always fascinated me. As they began to speak of different battles and different cities I would try to picture the described events and places. This led me to study more to find the locations of the Book of Mormon cities. I began from a BYU produced map of Book of Mormon places which I made my own version of.

Map v1

This helped me to get a better feel for the location of cities with respect to each other but led me to wonder more about their locations in the real world. It seemed like a sort of version of meso-America from their maps, but I felt that this area was too small. Especially with the fact that the Hill Cumorah is near Palmyra, New York (and there is no evidence of two Cumorah’s). I began an in depth study of the cities of the Book of Mormon as expressed in the Book of Mormon. I collected all of the information about every city I could gather from the text. Then taking two locations with assumed locations (the before mentioned Hill Cumorah in New York, and the city of Bountiful being near the Panama Canal) I began to build a new map with reference to present day geography. I then built a series of 31 maps to help me visualize different events within the Book of Mormon. This page will show my findings and pdf versions of the maps I made. Eventually, I hope to make an interactive map and to continue my study by matching my mapped cities with ancient american ruins. Again, this is just my theory based on my understanding of the Book of Mormon and no city location listed here should be regarded as absolutely certain. My study is not meant to prove the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon through archaeological evidences, but to expand my understanding of what life might have been like for the Nephites, Lamanites, and Jaredites.

Nov. 4, 2011 – Jan. 18, 2012 – Albany, Georgia

Here is how I coded the different cities: Nephite/Lamanite Land Southward, Nephite/Lamanite Land Northward, and Jaredite Lands

The names below will link to the lds.org Index with some of the provided information about that city (though I found scriptures about some of the cities that weren’t listed in the Index)

Aaron First mentioned in Alma 8:13–14 (82 BC) Alma 50:14 Near the cities of Moroni and Nephihah. Also near Ammonihah. (Possibly two cities of Aaron)

Ablom Past Hill Shim and Hill Cumorah, eastward by the seashore. Ether 9:3 (Near New York?)

Agosh Plains (near the wilderness of Akish?) Ether 14:15–16

Akish, Wilderness of Wilderness (near Moron and plain of Agosh?) Ether 14:3–4, 14 

Ammonihah First mentioned in Alma 8:6–8 and Alma 9:1 (82 BC) Contained a prison Alma 14:22-29Alma 16:2–3, 9 Destroyed by Lamanites (81 BC) AKA Desolation of Nehors  Alma 16:11. Rebuilt with fortifications Alma 49:3 (72 BC). Elevation below Nephi and Shilom Alma 49:10

Amnihu  Where Amlicites fight Nephites. (Near Zarahemla, Gideon and Manti) Alma 2:15 

Amulon Established 145-121 BC  Mosiah 23:31 in wilderness between Zarahemla and Nephi (within the Amazon?)

Angola Established 54-327 AD  Morm. 2:4 (North of Zarahemla)

Ani-Anti Mentioned  Alma 21:11 A village in the Land of Nephi (90-77 BC)

Antionum East of Zarahemla, bordering the seashore, south of Jershon, bordered by the South Wilderness on the south of the city.  Alma 31:3 (before 74 BC). Becomes allied with Lamanites  Alma 43:4-5 (74 BC) Lamanites depart from city  Alma 43:22 (abt 74 BC)

Antiparah Established 72 BC Alma 50:7-10. Captured by Lamanites 66 BC Alma 56:14. Retaken by Nephites 64 BC  Alma 56:31–34,  Alma 57:1–4. By the west sea bordering the land south of Nephite lands. Not on the seashore but bordering “another city” on the seashore, also near Judea, Manti, Cumeni, Zeezrom.

Antipas, Mount Lamanite stronghold. Lamanites that refuse to fight Nephites gather there Alma 47:7. Amalickiah decoys Lehonti out of the Mount  Alma 47:10

Antum Hill Shim in the land, place Mormon obtained records from, Morm. 1:3. Near Jashon, Shim is North of it. (345 AD) Mormon takes all records from there. Destroyed 375-380 AD Mormon 4:23.

Boaz Near Land and City of Desolation. Utterly destroyed 375-385 AD Morm. 4:20–21

Bountiful, Land City Established 90-77 BC. South of the land Desolation, Jershon is southeast of it. Runs from East to West Sea a day and a half’s journey Alma 22:29-33. Nephite’s hold Bountiful 67 BC Alma 51:30–32. Fortified by Moroni 66 BC Alma 52:9 Alma 53:3-4. Moroni marches to Bountiful. Teancum is stationed there 65 BC Alma 52:15, 18. Lamanite prisoners taken to Bountiful 64 BC Alma 55:26. Lehi sent to defend Bountiful 51 BC Hel. 1:28. Nephite’s driven to Bountiful and lands Northward 35 BC Hel. 4:6 All righteous people gather into the land Zarahemla and upwards towards Bountiful AD 17 3 Ne. 3:23. Christ appears to people gathered at Bountiful AD 34 3 Ne. 11:1. Poisonous serpents block the pass at Bountiful Ether 9:31. A great city built by the Jaredite’s at the same location that Bountiful will be built in the future. Ether 10:20 (suggested by James E. Talmage to be from the Isthmus of Panama to the North portion of South America. from Jesus the Christ pg. 742)

Comnor Hill near the valley of Shurr Ether 14:28 also near the valley Corihor. Both valleys and the hill are in the land eastward by the border of the seashore.

Corihor Land and valley, scene of massive battle between Shiz and Coriantumr Ether 14:27–28. Eastward in borders of land by the seashore. Near valley Shurr and hill Comnor.

Cumeni Established 72 BC Alma 50:7-10. Captured by Lamanites 66 BC Alma 56:13–14. Retaken by Nephites 63 BC Alma 57:7–8, 12. Prisoners marched by Gid, from Cumeni escape. Lamanite army attacks Cumeni but is unsuccessful 63 BC Alma 57:13-27. In Southwest portion of land, near Antiparah, Manti, and Zeezrom.

Cumorah Hill and land of Cumorah, final battle scene of Nephite and Jaredite nations. Plates of Mormon hidden here Mormon 6:4-6. All Nephite’s gathered for final battle AD 385. The same as the Hill Ramah Ether 15:11. Near the waters of Ripliancum (Great Lakes) near a place called by Jaredites Ogath. Final Jaredite battle (600-500 BC). Plates found by Joseph Smith JS—H 1:42, 50–54, 59. (suggested by James E. Talmage to be near Manchester, Ontario, New York. from Jesus the Christ pg. 742)

Desolation, City Land The name for the land Northward called thus because of the destruction of the Jaredite’s there. Bordering line with Bountiful is a day and a half’s journey east to west and extends to an unknown extent northward. 90-77 BC (General term for entire North American continent) Alma 22:30–31Teancum stops Morianton from fleeing into Desolation, on the border of the land 67 BC Alma 50:33–34. Hagoth builds large ships on the Borders of Bountiful and Desolation and sails into the West sea and then Northward 55 BC Alma 63:5. The gathering of the people extends from Zarahemla to the Border of Bountiful and Desolation AD 17 3 Ne. 3:23. The city of Desolation is built on the borderline with the land Bountiful AD 362 Morm. 3:5. Lamanite’s take the city, Nephite’s retake Lamanite’s take the city (turning point of the war) AD 375 Morm. 4:1–2, 19. Teancum is near the city of Desolation bordering near the seashore Ether 7:6. Land of Moron was near the land of Desolation.

Ephraim A hill where iron ore is obtained to build steel swords. Ether 7:9



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