A Place of Pondering

Heart of Light

September 14, 2011 Albany, Georgia

1 Nephi 1:5 Lehi prays with all his heart in behalf of his people. (Lehi prays with all desire for the welfare of his people). After such a willing, charitable show of faith, the Lord answers his prayer in like manner to Joseph Smith’s prayer. Now, Lehi casts himself on his bed, being “overcome”. This references over to Alma 27:17 where Ammon’s joy was full to the exhausting of his strength. So, Lehi is overcome by joy, or the Glory of God!

1 Nephi 1:14 Lehi saw many great and marvelous things and then he begins to give great praises to God, because of the things which he saw (which is mostly not recorded here in the text).

1 Nephi 1:15 His whole heart was filled because of the things which the Lord had shown him. Looking at the dictionary on filled, it says “satisfied, to complete by supplying, to make larger.” So, essentially, Lehi’s desires which he prayed for were satisfied AND made larger by the Lord.

FTM- I cannot imagine things too glorious for Eternal Life, more likely, I can barely begin to imagine even the smallest portion. This much I do know, I desire Eternal Life far more than flight. Flight was the earliest form, to me, of Eternal Life, but the Lord has shown me through His Prophets and His Spirit so much more, flight is barely the beginning!

FTM- Immediately after having received this marvelous vision, having his desire magnified, he was now prepared and since his desire was the Glory of God, he went forth to share this with everyone. He was duty bound by command to do so, true, but this was part of his desire. You cannot desire Eternal Life and not have a desire to share this desire with others. (I will pray for the same, and work more whole-heatedly towards it!)

Lehi now knew the voice of the Lord, and the source and way to Eternal Life and so God’s command to leave makes sense. Lehi proved that he was willing to sell all for the Treasure he found in the field of pondering and searching. His household and monetary inheritance was nothing to him in comparison to the wonderful inheritance of Celestial Glory.


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