A Place of Pondering

Heart of Hearts

A poem I wrote June 27, 2012 while serving in Jay, Florida

O Thou heart of my heart, wilt thou flee from all uncleanness?

Awake and flee from false desires, trust in My Refiner’s Fires.

The heart that beats at the heart of the universe is Love,

And by His heart He can change mine to Love.

The Natural Man is more terrible than The Flood.

Once killed is not dead enough, for it always will exhume,

And like The Flood, it seeks only to consume.

An appetite of gross desires, bourne of him, the father of liars.

But within me is the power and will to remove, and the true Heart of my heart prove.

Even the shadow of a dark corner can regrow into a great monster.

And how fleeting a thought is the shadow of a dark corner.

How quietly deceptive is the whisper of a single spore,

But, as proven, a single spore can consume an entire planet!

And corrupt even the heart of hearts into miserable oblivion..

But, I have felt to sing the Song of Redeeming Love! And I feel so now.

There is a Redeemer sent down from above. His heart of hearts will never fail,

and if I trust in Him, my mind will be firm forever.

The natural man will always try to revitalize but you may purge yourself

as often as you will from ALL corrupt desire.

I love The Lord! It is by His might and mercy I am sanctified.


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