A Place of Pondering

Covenants and Tests

In every Covenant we make there is the acceptance of certain actions we must take (be they avoiding evil things or taking on responsibility to perform greater acts of righteousness. Implied in each of these covenants is the fact that tests will come to see your faithfulness to the covenants you make. In some cases, the tests are part of the actual covenant and ordinance. The greatest example of this is the covenant and ordinance of the Sacrament. Moroni 4:3 demonstrates the blessing of the bread. Within this prayer is the phrase “that they are willing to” followed by the actions we take as this Covenant. The actions being: take upon us the name of Christ, always remember Him, and keep His commandments. The phrase “willing to” implies that there is action later on that must be followed. In this case, we act on this covenant when we fulfill other covenants such as attending the Temple, keeping commandments, and always remember Him by study, prayer and a life reflecting His.These are the same things we covenant to do at Baptism. Moroni 5 shows the covenant with a test. The words that they do always remember Him is our witness to the Father, our invitation for Him to examine our life and conduct, to show us how we have been doing at always remembering Him. If we have been willing and trying (penitent and truly willing to change in our efforts that failed to reflect remembrance) then the promise is that we may have His spirit always with us. So, the test is the moment we present ourselves to the Lord ( on an aside it was this concept that helped me realize the Sons of God presenting themselves in Job 1:6, was the Sacrament being performed beyond the veil of mortality) and He helps us know where we stand by the feelings associated with the presence of His spirit.


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