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I often refer to Orson Scott Card’s series Ender’s Game, when I seek to explain scientific concepts that I feel are true concepts created and used by God in His organizing the universe. Here are those oft referred to concepts, concisely explained here. Next to each main topic listed below, I will give the gospel equivalent of that word and concept as though it were a definition of that topic word.

Outside – The dimension known as “the waters” in scripture. Genesis 1:2,6,7,20

Outside is a conceptual space outside of the fictional “universe” used in the Ender Quartet. It is a space with no reference points and thus no distance, composed of an infinite number of disorganized philotes, each willing to follow any pattern it can.

The primary function of “Outside,” as it often referred to in the books, is faster-than-light travel. This type of travel works on the principle that from the Outside, the lack of defined space makes the “Inside” universe a point no larger or smaller than any philote nearby. Thus, anyone Outside could reenter the universe at any point and any speed. However, to do so, the person would have to be able to hold the pattern of themselves and anything else taken along on the journey Outside in their mind. This is something only the computer entity Jane has ever been capable of, therefore she is the only one capable of taking “anything more complex than a rubber ball” Outside and back Inside again, as stated in Children of the Mind.

Another use of Outside as shown in Xenocide is to create objects. As stated above, all the philotes Outside are perfectly willing (and, in fact, trying) to get into some organized pattern. Both conscious and unconscious thoughts create patterns that the philotes bend to. Through this process, Ender’s stepdaughter Ela consciously created the “Recolada,” a replacement for the Descolada virus that would both allow the Pequeninos to transform into adults and no longer harm the Formics or Humans. Ender himself created copies ofPeter Wiggin and Valentine Wiggin as he best remembered them in his subconscious and his disabled stepson Miro created a new body that showed his opinion of himself to others.

Philote – Known as intelligences in the Scriptures. That there is a difference between human philotes and others is significant.

A philote is the basic building block of matter, the true indivisible particle that is not made up of smaller ones. Philotes take up no space and are essential to the theory of philotic energy. Each atom has a philote of its own, each molecule likewise, and ultimately each human has an aiùa, an intelligent philote. It is suggested that perhaps a single philote, which could be referred to as God, contains the essence of humanity, and/or all sentient species in the known universe.

Early in the series, philotic energy is used as a form of faster-than-light communication, in which messages are transmitted instantaneously via ansible. Later, it is used as a form of near-instantaneous travel, with items to be transported being sent Outside and then back In, arriving at the specified destination (which may be any distance from the origin).

Philotes combine or ‘twine’ to make up all matter in the universe. This twining also makes possible the ansibles, which allow instantaneous communication over any distance viaquantum entanglement. Philotes have no mass or inertia, only location (similar to a geometric point), and extend infinitely in two directions. All philotes are qualitatively different from each other, in that some are ‘smarter’ than others. As one moves up the levels, from philotes to quarks to atoms to molecules and so on, the patterns in which the philotes twine become increasingly complex. Not all philotes are ‘smart’ enough to be able to control and maintain these patterns. It takes very ‘smart’ ones, which are called aiúas, to inhabit actual life forms, and an organism‘s ‘master’ philote, or its Aiua (Sanskrit for life), is considered to be the physical site of its soul.

The Hive Queens of the Formic race are born like the rest of the Formics: unintelligent. The mother of the new queen calls a philote from another place, a non-place, and it comes. The Hive Queen also mentions that humans do the same thing when born. It’s the act of becoming sentient. It is discovered that these philotes come from Outside, where there is no sense of location and all matter resides in one geometrical point (see above section for more detail).

In the study of philotics, philotes are essential threads of energy, which have no mass, and the measurable dimension of a mathematical point, which entwine or “twine” and createholons, which are then interpreted as solid sensory phenomena by sentient beings.

Philotic Web – The Light of Christ, connecting all things to God.

The Philotic Web is a philosophical and metaphysical construct of the Ender’s Game series of books by Orson Scott Card. The philosophy of philotes and the philotic web they create first appeared in Xenocide, the third book of the series. It describes the interconnection of not only all the aiuas in the universe, but also the lesser-intelligent philotes. The “web” itself is used by Jane to access not only the combined knowledge of humanity, but also as a pseudo-storage device to house her memory and higher reasoning functions.

The web is the direct result of every philotic connection in the universe. These connections never touch each other in the truer sense of the word “web,” but every being can be linked to every other being by their interconnected philotes. These philotic connections are not static, and can be strengthened or weakened over time. For example, Si Wang-Muand Peter Wiggin begin their journey together having only a small philotic connection. As they spend more time together and grow increasingly more affectionate and emotionally attached to each other, their connection grows stronger and stronger.

The philotic connections spoken of in the Enderverse can grow to monumental proportions based solely on emotional and “spiritual” connectedness. Grego is spoken of as having formed a very intense philotic web with the angry mob in Xenocide in a matter of minutes. Additionally, philotic connections can cause physical disturbance or emotional distress when severed.

It is also important to note that philotic connections exist between living and non-living things alike.


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