A Place of Pondering

Alma 32:28 A good seed, a true principle of the Gospel, will begin to enlarge the soul, enlighten the understanding, and be delicious. (It will cause greater love for God and man, increase your understanding, and create a desire for more)

vs. 29 This increases faith, but it is not a perfect knowledge.

vs. 31 But you are sure it is a good seed because of what it does. (Grows with the effects in vs. 28)

vs. 34 Your knowledge is Perfect that it is good because your mind begins to expand.

vs. 35 Is this real? Yes, because it is light, whatsoever is light is good and it is discernible.

Doctrine and Covenants 93:36  The Glory of God is intelligence or in other words light and truth!

Faith is the method of gaining greater intelligence or gathering more intelligences to yourself. As you look for traits and attributes of Jesus Christ (faith) you will find those traits that He has in whatever you are searching in. You can test each thing you find to make sure it really is an attribute of Christ. If it makes sense and enlightens your understanding, it is correct and you gather that intelligence to yourself and draw nearer to the Lord. If not, then it is not of Him and the intelligence is corrupted by evil.

Alma 33:1,2,12,13 How do we start the experiment?

vs. 2 Search the scriptures

vs. 12 Do you believe them?

vs. 13 If so, you must believe in Christ.

All the scriptures talk about is Christ, His attributes, types and shadows of Him, and His Plan for us past, present, and future! Find the intelligences and gather them to you by being Christlike!


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